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Structure of manuscript: Introduction, Literature survey, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions, 5 key words is compulsory.
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Tables, figures and pictures: They must be understandable on their own. Denomination is needed in Hungarian, English or German by marking with numbers.
Softwares for figures: Excel, SPSS, Statistica 
Softwares for tables: Word
Pictures: .jpg format
References: In alphabetical order. 

Burrow, H.M., Seifert, G.W., Corbet, N.J. (1988): A new technique for measuring temperament in cattle. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production, 17. 154-157.
Fordyce, G., Goddard, M. E., Seifert, G. W. (1982): The measurement of temperament in cattle and the effect of experience and genotype. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production, 14. 329-332.
Czakó, J. (1978): Gazdasági állatok viselkedése. Mezogazda Kiadó, Budapest. 218. 
In case of citing works from the same author published in the same year, a, b, c, etc. signs must be used after the name and year.  

References in text:
Articles presented among references have to be referred to in the text, as well.
Format: in parentheses, the first name of author in italics, year of publishing in normal letters.
Examples: (Burrow et al. 1988); (Czakó, 1978); Tőzsér et al. (2005)
Place of tables and figures: On separate pages each.

1. ábra: Angus bikaborjak temperamentum pontszámának medián értékei

Figure 1: Median values of temperament scores given at different periods of self performance test in Angus bull calves
Temperament score (1), at the beginning of SPT (2), at the end of SPT (3) 
2. táblázat: Rangkorrelációs együtthatók a temperamentum pontszám és az életnapi élosúlytermelés között 

Mérések (1) Fajta(2) Egyed-szám(3) rrang(4)
I. Magyar szürke (5) 10 -0,06
II. Magyar szürke (5) 10 -0,61*
I. Holstein-fríz (6) 10 -0,52
II. Holstein-fríz (6) 10 -0,34

Table 2:cients between daily weight gain calculated for one day of life and temperament score
Number of measurements(1), breeds(2), number of individuals(3), rank correlation(4), Hungarian Grey(5), Holstein-Friesian(6)


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