In the last 30-40 years researches in animal breeding dealing with behaviour of domestic animals have revealed that a wide knowledge of ethology is essential for an economical production. Only by having knowledge of behaviour of the different species and types can proper technologies be planned. At the same time, it became evident, that science is becoming more and more interdisciplinary, a good solution to a specific problem can be found only by cooperation of more research groups, e.g. animal breeders and biologists.
We are looking forward to getting articles for publishing - from Hungary and the neighbour countries - which deal with housing technologies, behaviour and welfare of farm animals. We also give place to papers about ethological experiments carried out with pets and other animals, such as dog, hare, emu, ostrich etc. Besides the results of research works, review articles and papers introducing a discussion are accepted. We also find it important to keep a permanent chapter for articles summarizing excellent Diploma works. Results of Ph.D. experiments of young researchers are also planned to be published.

Published annually as one volume comprising 2 issues (at June and December).

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
Institute of Animal Sciences

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